One Mans Tragedy Is Another Mans Comedy

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chup! Coca~Cola

Me and 3 other friends were staying together in a condo in Klebang, Malacca while we were studying there. There were no entertainment there and town was 45mins drive away. The only cheap thrill we had was the one computer in our unit and had to be shared between 4 people.

There was this night, I went downstairs to grab myself a can of coke from the vending machine. As I got back up... I saw the computer unoccupied. I quickly jumped on the seat and turned on Winning Eleven while sipping my Coke. Suddenly... bom! bom! bom... fatty Albert rushed out.. "Oi! Juju I wanna playyy" .... "NO!" and I continue playing and sipping my Coke.. sleeeeuupssss... Ahhhhh~~! then later I opened the drawer, wa got famous amos cookie inside which belongs to my other housemate. Tunggu apa lagi... bukak dan makan lar. Only me and fatty in the house that night.

Chomp! Chomp! Damn enjoy... then fei hai Robert rushed out again "Oi! my turn larrr" ... "10 mins only wat, 11 o'clock I give you" ... then Lobert said "Okay, I sit here and see you play" ... fei hai then goes light a ciggie and watch me play. Still happily sipping my coke and munching on the chocolate chip cookies... fatty Robert's phone rang... HAHAHA... singa call redi! then he went off to the balcony.

I realized that my coke was getting warm... so I bottoms up!... still a quarter left... my Coke tasted a bit weird, probably it was the cookie I ate... the Coke so chocolaty. Must be the cookie lar... then I down the whole thing... something was touching my lips... !?!?! got cookie chunk inside wan? fei hai Lobert drink izzit just now!!!!??!... I close one eye and peep into the can...

SON OF A BITCCHHHHH!!!!..... farking puntung rokok inside!... what the farrkkkK!!.... I chung inside the room and shouted to Robert!

Me: Pokkai!! what you put in my drink?!?!?!
Albert: Har!? that one your drink ar? I thought ashtray...
Me: Ma chao hai.... that means the whole stick of ciggie inside lar?!?!?
Robert: Yalar... you drank ar? Oh my godd... you okay or not?!?!

All the cans and boxes that can be found in the house had been converted into ashtrays... and that pokkai mistaken my drink for an ashtray. I rushed into the toilet and vommit everything out... eeeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Lobert: Oi! you wanna go hospital ar?