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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rock Fest 2006

It's a bit late for this post... Last week, Adrian the shisha king was bugging me to go to Jazz Fest. The next evening I met up with Minty and he was all worked up to go for the Jazz thingy. He was smartly dressed for the occassion.... wahhahaha! Well, he went for a wedding ceremony before that. There was a hype going on about the Jazz Fest and we thought it was some high class event held in some auditorium with many Datins and their daughters. Minty and I decided to check it out since Adrian ajaked me the night before.

We headed off to Mont Kiara where the event was held. Adrian was to meet us there, he had to attend his family dinner before that... excuses. As soon as we arrived, omg... this is Jazz Fest? It looked like a giant mamak with live jazz band... it also felt like one, hot like shit. We had dinner there and then met up with some friends. We sat there for about 5 minutes and my eyes were drying up.... looks like Jazz is not my cup of tea, Minty was getting bored too.

We decided to rush Adrian over... the bitch said he would be there as soon as he gets home. We waited and waited.... my neck was getting longer, so I called him again.... The fucker said no car. Mahai call lar if no car!! So we left Mont Kiara after that. Turned the aircond to full blast in the car... ahhh! so lega. We went to The Joint after that and before that we picked Adrian up, its our new hang out spot... Adrian loves it because he was hooked on shisha... bei hai... you should see his high face while shishaing, damn gay. When he see the water vapour coming out from his mouth damn happy.

We arrived and it was quite packed... we found a table at the front just in front of the screen playing the sports channel which was next to the live band, there was also a small podium between our table and the screen. Hell no, I will never sit there ever again. We had some drinks and snacks... Adrian had shisha all to himself. The band started performing... our eyes were constantly fixed on the screen watching sports... I guess everyone there was watching too. The band was playing rock music!... the lead vocalist, a lady in her mid thirties... was head banging.

Then after a few songs, she dedicated one song to Adrian... she realized that people were paying more attention to the screen. Oh shit... she stepped up on the podium in front of us blocking our view. She was wearing a very short skirt. If we looked up on the screen she confirm chao kwong already. Want meh aunty... so we started drinking and chatting because aunty don't let us watch tv. After that aunty wanted our attention, she put her leg on our table and pulled up her skirt to reveal her thigh to seduce Minty.... Minty tengah syok, sleups.

Aunty was on fire!... MeOooWWw... She was singing 'Sweet Child Of Mine'. Still standing on the podium, everytime during the chorus she would do the 'Can Can', kicks into the air. "Wohh Oh Ohh Ohh... sweet child of mine! ~~" *flash* "Wohh Ohh ohh Oh.... sweet child of mine! ~~" *flash*. The night is still young.... she came down from the stage and make me sing along... After that cannot tahan de.... finished up our drinks call for the bill and bail!!


  • At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hahaha..wheres this Joint place??

  • At 7:42 PM, Anonymous aD' said…

    omg, are u trying to pull a cG or a kayhong? This story is exaggerated 200% for entertainment purposes only. Why else do you think his posts are entertaining? Haha, btw no offense cg or kayhong. You guys are much more honest than smuggy! ;p

    btw anonymous, the joint is at sunway.

  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger smuggy said…

    my god what a cheap flamer

  • At 10:43 AM, Anonymous K'Hong said…

    LOL! mine doesnt reach fucking 200% okay, its just 75% ass.
    Bitches i miss u guys, barry's turning gay soon. Everyday bath with sausages only. Muwahaha!


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