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Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Virgin Interview Which I Ended Up Getting Raped

This post was a request from my batchmate from He is currently compiling interview questions to aid people that are interested in flying. His blog discusses topics mainly on aviation theories, phenomenas and experiences. Also do check out his forum for those who are interested.

After completing my psychomotor and psychometric test, I was called up for the interview 2 years ago. It was my first formal interview in my life. I reached he headquarters early in the morning, I was supposed to fill up a form. *pai seh, no pen* The lady teased me "Pen pun takde, macamana nak jadi pilot ni?".... char lan dous. I took a seat while waiting for my turn to be interviewed. I sat next to another guy... he was reading aviation notes he printed himself and then these 2 guys where exchanging their folders showing their certs. Nia seng, degree holders... deng, I hid my folder which consists of SPM and piano certs. Cibai... shy like cock liddat.

One by one they went in, I heard laughing sounds in the interview room one minute and another minute voices were raised... so chuk kik meh?!?... every candidate went in for an hour. This guy he went in for only 15 mins, when he came out he was like "YES! I got it!!"... I have not seen him since then. "Smuggy, you can come in now." It was my turn.

I went in greeted them and tried remembering their names as hard as I could. There were four interviewers... one observer, two senior captains and an interviewer from the headquarters side. They told me to have a seat. So the interview started...
Q: Smuggy can you tell us about yourself...
A: I told them where I'm from and the background of my family.
Q: Did you know your father's company used to supply medicine to our medical centre? Why suddenly they don't want to supply anymore?
A: I'm not so sure about this, its the company's decision and my dad has already retired.
Q: When did you realized that you wanted to be a pilot?
A: At the age of 15 I decided to be a pilot, my sister is a stewardess in Singapore and she used to tell me stories about pilots.
"WAHAHAHAHA!" they laughed.
"ehehehe"... pan cute a bit.
Q: Why didn't your sister join us?
A: She wanted to but she did not because there was no opening at that time, so she opted for Singapore.
Q: So did you try the interview from the other airlines?
A: No, I didn't because this airline is my choice.
Q: If you were to fail this interview, will you try the other airlines?
A: Definitely, I would continue to pursue my dream.
Q: Why did you choose us as your first choice?
A: This airline is internationally regconized and I believe my future would be more secure here.
Q: What have you done since SPM? sit at home?
A: I went for National Service and then I started an engineering course in UNITEN.
Q: Lets say you are in you final year in UNITEN, then we call you up and tell you that you are accepted... what would you do? kbkk
A: I will have to reject the offer.
Q: Why is that?
A: Because there would be a lot of time, money and effort wasted.
Q: Have you been on an aircraft?
A: Yes, to China and Hong Kong.
Q: With which airline and what model was the aircraft?
A: I was very young at that time... I can't remember. (avoid question)
Q: Do you know how heavy a Boeing 747 weighs?
A: xxx,xxx lbs. (forgot the figures de, but lucky got read)
Q: Why in pounds?!?!? I'm sure you got that from some website! Tell me how you researched for this interview besides buying that new shirt?
A: I visited x, y, z websites and keep track of the company through newspapers.
Q: You visited the company's website also I see... Who is the chairman?
A: The chairman used to be the late Dato' A.
Q: Why late?
A: I read that he recently passed away in the newspapers.
Q: Who is are the rest of the BoD's?
A: Dato' B, Mr. C, Mr. D and Mr. E.
Q: Okay... I'm sure this one you won't know, who is in charge of all the Boeing 737 fleet? If you can answer this one, I take you in straight.
I was tempted to say "you!" but after some rational thinking I said I'm not sure.
Q: You play football right? What team do you support?
A: Liverpool!
WAHAHAHA!! they laughed again.. "we all support man utd.. and one arsenal fan here... WAHAHAHAHA!!
Q: Now you the striker have the ball in a tight angle, a teammate which is a defender is in the middle, will you shoot or pass? kbkk
A: I would shoot.
suddenly he raised his voice... (kbkk lar... where got wrong answer wan!)
Q: Why you shoot?!! you want to get all the glory is it?
A: I was just trying to fulfil my duty and if I have the confidence then I take will take it on.
"BUT THERE WAS SOMEONE OPEN IN THE MIDDLE!!".... the debate lasted for 5 minutes.
Q: So do you know how many flights we have?
A: Yes 100.
Q: Where do we fly to?
A: bla bla bla bla...
bla bla bla bla
bla bla bla bla
bla bla bla bla
thats all? you said 100 just now?
......... kena char until no more juice left inside.
Q: Name me a city that we fly to in South America?
A: Buenos Aires (smuggy bijak)
Q: What fleets do we have in the airlines?
A: twin otter, f50, b737, b777, b 747, A320.
"you will be going into the twin otter"... I found out that the twin otter operates in Miri and even chickens can enter the plane.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: Captain of the b737.
Q: Are you sure? Not the b747? or b777?
A: Yes sir, sure... B737.
"Thank You."
So I stood up and thanked them as well...
"What are you doing? Why you stand up?! We havent finish yet!!... I only thanked you for the answer..... WAHAHAHAHA!! So fast want to go home?"
Fuck!... malu like shit... go sit down again...
After that kena question on capital cities and have to name countries on the map...
"So how did you come here this morning?"
-My dad dropped me here.
"He is waiting outside now?"
-No... he dropped me off and went to play golf.
"WAHAHAHAHA!!... Ayah pergi main golf!"
My one hour was up...
"So you have any questions?"... of course pura-pura got question ler... show some 'interest'... ngek ngek... then it was all over finally.. can go for medical checkup to fix my O


  • At 5:56 PM, Anonymous esther said…

    hahahahahahaha. omgoodness. yijin you farny lah!

  • At 12:25 AM, Blogger AmAndAserAph said…

    haha! i totally forgot about the interview. daymn! macam ini pun boleh jadi pilot. dawan fly mas ady >.<

  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger smuggy said…

    amandaseraph: cari makan only ma me... cari makan only ma me... so lucky meh can get me on your flight... can also i dowan you in my flight later complain this complain that.. wahahhaha

  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger -s.h.e.d.e.e- said…

    yi jin, you are damn funny larrr...i was wondering whether you laughed when you were typing...but anyway, keep up the good work...


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