One Mans Tragedy Is Another Mans Comedy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Goodbye And Take Care

I would like to apologize to my sifu, editor and my No. 1 fan for not blogging lately... I have been busy for the past few weeks with nothing.

Last Monday, two of my friends left me... Adrian Tan and Siow E Guy. No, they did not pass away, they just left for UK to study. Adrian has been studying there for almost two years now but E Guy is leaving for UK for the first time... that worries me the most and the rest of the gang.

Well, Adrian was back for three months and all we did was tarkei for the past three months. Occasionally we would go for breakfast in the morning around the college area to cuci mata. Tarkei wasn't all that boring... Someone almost got us into a fight. Thanks tai kor Minty. One afternoon me, Wai Soon and Minty went tarkei in a new area outside home ground. Minty the tai kor fuck kao them... I forgot for what reason... they all just kept quiet and said "chill larr... relax lar"... then after that Minty was saying, "Wah this place damn nice to fuck kao ppl ar... they don't fight back wan".

A few weeks later me, Adrian and Minty went back to the same place. In the middle of the game, Minty agitated me and I accidentally kicked the switch and my pc turned off. The opposing team was complaining that I left the game which was unethical. Then Minty tai kor fuck kao them. Then they fuck kao back. Then Minty Taikor fuck kao them back. Then someone typed LOL!. Minty taikor said, LOL lan ar!!... then they fuck kao Minty. Then Minty fuck kao them back... Then they say bring 100 ppl whack kao Minty. Then Minty tai kor fuck kao them. Then they ask where Minty sit and they came look for Minty. Then we went out.

Topic of discussion.... "Why You Fuck Kao Me?"

They were whining for 15 minutes about how Minty Taikor fuck kao them... and said, I am not happy, I say LOL why you fuck kao me?... they wanted an apology. Of course won't get lar... after 15 minutes and going no where, they left... bai bai ci bai. Waste time only. By the way, Minty tai kor is not hainanese.

But on the afternoon Adrian and E Guy left... Me and Adrian spent some quality time going shopping and makan, at least something. E Guy couldn't join us... he was busy with his stuff. Both Adrian and E Guy were leaving on the same flight. So the gang and I went to send them off at the airport. E Guy was enjoying his last minutes before he left... taking lots of photos. Too bad no photos here, I do not have a camera. Some stranger (E Guy's Uni fren) came up to us and said, "Take care of E Guy ya... I scared he come back with baby"... Har Har okayyyyy.... What im afraid of most is that E Guy comes back with a big boy.

Less than 10mins left before their flight, Adrian was already worried of being late... E Guy was still so happy taking pictures and hugging the guys. Adrian was telling E Guy "We are late already larr... need to take the train to the plane summore"... E guy: "Chill larrr..." while taking photos and hugging (E Guy never hug so many guys before). The scene was so funny... lol.


who was that?!?!... ahh nevermind. I'm gonna miss those 2 guys... kwo kuang was so emo when they left... but im starting to miss them... 2 people less to hang out with. Now only Kwo Kuang and Chun Guan left here. And you 4 fuckers... fong fei kei me. We settle this another time.

P/s: Adrian, if you are reading this... seriously... please take good care of E Guy, don't let him go wild like "that night".